Summer Park and Rec 

Thank you for making your summer memories with us!  It was an amazing summer!

K-6th Grades



Need Extended hours?   Register for ACE!

Directors:  Pete Arena, Kim DiTullio and Lauren Dyer

ACE Director:  Zack Ricciardi

Assistant Director:  Nora Ghostlaw

 Pizza Cards

Pizza Cards will be available to purchase in June at the Rec Center and are also sold at the trailer during Park & Rec morning hours.  We will have a place during Drop Off where Parents/Guardians can purchase cards after drop off.  Pizza is $2/slice and Italian Ice is $1 each.  We have $5 and $10 cards.  Pizza is sold on Thursdays and Italian Ice Monday-Friday.  Once you purchase a Pizza Card we can not replace it if it is lost.  Pizza Cards can not be carried over from previous years.  There will be no exceptions

 Refund Policy

 Refunds will be considered until April 10th with a $20 processing fee.  Requests must be made in writing and received prior to the April 10th deadline.  After April 10th  refunds will not be issued. Please consider personal vacations prior to registering.  Thank you!

 Participants do not need to bring cell phones to our programs.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged cell phones.

CIT Application Below 

Please fill out and return to the Rec Center.  We will not be able to accept all CIT applicants.  Must be in by May 22nd.

2015 CIT Application.doc 2015 CIT Application.doc
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Please make sure to put an accurate t-shirt size down for your child(ren) when registering.  In order to guarantee your child(ren) receive their shirt on time register before May 15th when our first order is submitted.  If you register after June 24th we can not guarantee your child(ren) will get a t-shirt.  The t-shirt is considered an equipment expense therefore the children only receive one shirt even if they sign up for more than one session.   

Closed Campus

Park and Rec is a CLOSED CAMPUS allowing only participants access to facilities during the hours of 8:30-2:30 

Emergency Form 2015.doc Emergency Form 2015.doc
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 You must fill out and return the Emergency Form for your child to attend our programs.

Registration:  Click link to register Please register your child(ren) in the grade they are currently in (2014-2015 school year)


*If you register after June 24th you are not guaranteed a t-shirt*

Session One $85 (1 week) June 29th-July 3rd

Session Two $170 (2 weeks) July 6th-July 17th

Session Three $170  (2 weeks) July 2oth-July 31st  

Session Four $170 (2 weeks) August 3rd-August 14th 

*Limit of 370 Children/Session*


New this year!  ACE will be held at the Rec Center each day.  Children will take a bus at the end of the camp day to enjoy ACE at the Rec Center where there will be indoor/outdoor, crafts, air hockey, ping pong, wii  and more!

Session One ACE  $58 (1 week)  June 29th-July 3rd

Session Two ACE $115 (2 weeks) 

July 6th-July 17th 


Session Three ACE  $115 (2 weeks) July 20th-July 31st

Session Four ACE $115 (2 weeks) August 3rd-August 14th


A Session Newsletter will go home on the first day of each session providing information specific to that session. 


Park and Rec Info

A memorable camp experience that has made a significant impact in the lives of countless Hanover residents over the past 50+ years.   

OUR PURPOSE  To provide an inexpensive, age-appropriate opportunity for all youth to experience outdoor recreation, both passive and active with their peers, all while creating great memories and new friends.

OUR PROGRAM  The Park and Rec program consists of four sessions.  This program is open to all in grades K-6. Each grade travels together to different stations every 55 minutes, these stations range from Arts and Crafts to Floor Hockey to Tennis. Within each grade level 10- 14 children are assigned a counselor to guide them and provide activities throughout the day.  The counselor groups are usually done alphabetically and just for attendance purposes.  The entire grade plays together.   Along with the counselors, the Parks and Recreation Department also employs an Assistant Director and three Directors. The Directors provide services such as first aid help, weekly talent shows, tournaments and arts and crafts.  They also oversee all aspects of camp including field trips, pizza days, t-shirt distribution as well as the normal day to day operations.

OUR PROMISE  To do everything possible to  allow all children to have the best possible summer by creating many opportunities for children to have fun all summer long!


B. Everett Hall Field – Large field encompassing 1 major league size baseball field, 1 little league field.

Playground – Fenced in area consisting of two playgrounds. The first small playground is designed for pre-k children. The second playground is a larger and is designed for K-4th graders.

Volleyball Court- Regulation beach volleyball court, younger children use sand as sandbox while older children play volleyball.

Courts- Fenced in on three sides are two full size basketball courts as well as 1 regulation tennis courts. These courts are primarily used for Basketball Dodgeball and Tennis Baseball.

Street Hockey Area- Small paved area with two nets allowing for street hockey games.

Picnic area – 5 shaded picnic benches that allow for passive recreation activities such as board games.

Arts and Crafts Tent- Park and Rec owned Tent that is assembled each year and taken down in September. Arts and Craft projects are completed throughout the day. This area is also used for Pizza distribution on Thursdays.

Trailer- The administrative heart of the Park and Rec Program. Children may visit the trailer for first aid reasons or for discipline. Italian Ices are distributed daily from the trailer after lunch.

Bandstand – Weekly talent shows are put on by our campers and performed on the bandstand.  This is also a nice shaded spot for dance parties and quiet games.


The morning usually starts with drop off by parents/guardians at 8:30 a.m. As parents arrive, upper staff opens car doors and directs children to their groups Drop Off commences at 8:45 at which point each grade travels to their predetermined first station. Every 55 minutes the camp director blows an air horn and the grades travel to their next station activity.

At 11:45 the entire camp travels to their designated shaded lunch spots and enjoy lunch. At the end of lunch grades are provided with the opportunity to head to the trailer to purchase Italian Ices using their pre purchased “pizza cards” (gift cards). On Thursdays, children are given the opportunity to purchase Pizza using their pizza cards (we can not accept cash from the kids).

After lunch, grades continue their normal schedule of rotating stations.  At 2:25 all children proceed to the drop off/ pick up area, to be picked up by their parents/guardians. Parents cars, with their last name posted on their windshield, cycle through the parking lot and upper staff load the children into their vehicles.

At the end of Pick Up the  remaining children registered for ACE are escorted to the After Camp Extension area for late pick up. Counselors then proceed to the Arts and Crafts area for a daily debrief.


While many days are normal days there are instances when campers are provided with a special day such as our First Day, Rain Days, Party Day and Field Trips.

First Day – On the first day of each session during drop off, the upper staff greets children at their car doors and escorts children directly to their group. After drop off the Program Directors address the entire camp and introduces all staff.

Rain Day – The Center School Administration has graciously permitted the Park and Rec program to use their facility in case of rain. If rain starts before 8:15, parents will drop children off at the Center School Gymnasium. If rain starts during the day, all outside activities are cancelled, the Program Director will sound the Air Horn instructing all grades to proceed to Center School. Once at school, K-1 will proceed to the Cafeteria for Arts and Crafts, 2-3 will head to the auditorium to watch a movie, and grades 4-6 will stay in the gymnasium for sports. Every 1 hour the grades will switch until the end of the day. If it is still raining at pick up, pick up will occur at the Center School Gym, while one assistant director remains at the normal drop off area to instruct parents to proceed to the Gymnasium.

Party Day- One predetermined party day per session will start like normal days however at 9am, four new stations will be set up. Moon Bounce- 1 large inflatable moon bounce and 1 large inflatable obstacle course. Dance- a DJ will be playing music on the bandstand and providing space for children to dance or play games. Water Games children will be able to cool down with water games such as balloon toss or water tug of war. Slip and Slide- two 50 foot side by side slip and slides are set up allowing for wet races. All activities are provided by “Pick a Party” and are monitored by Park and Rec Staff

Field Trips – Each Session the children get to attend one field trip. On field trip days all children are required to wear their Park and Rec t-shirts. Busses, provided by Ingle Bus, arrive and take the entire camp to predetermined locations for the rest of the day. Past field trips have included MaGoo's Mini Golf, Hanover Bowling Alley, Carousel Family Fun Center for roller-skating, the Randolph Pool, Starland, movies and the Brockton Rox for a game.

Visiting Nurse Association Scholarships

Registration for the Park and Rec Summer Program begins in February.  Each year the Visiting Nurse Association elects to sponsor some children to go to camp for free. The VNA asks the nurses of each school to choose a number of children that, they determine, can benefit from our services. These children are either chosen on  a financial or a social basis. After camp the Park and Rec Department invoices the VNA for the number of children that had attended during the summer

 I realize that participation in Parks and Recreation programs involves some risks but regard the benefits to outweigh the risks. I agree to hold harmless the Town of Hanover, Hanover Parks and Recreation, its agents, employees, contracts and volunteers from any and all claims sustained while participating in these programs. Hanover Parks and Recreation does not provide medical insurance for participants. Participants are advised to have adequate personal coverage and it is required for any field trips. Permission is granted for any emergency medical treatment needed. I agree that photographs taken during department activities may be used for promotional purposes.

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