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Hanover Parks and Recreation is a department of the DPW 

Visit the Department of Public Work's website at

The Town of Hanover's website is 


Welcome to Hanover Parks and Recreation’s website. This site will provide information to the residents of Hanover regarding Parks and Recreation programs, facilities, notices, and registrations. Occasionally, we will also have notifications from other Town of Hanover Departments on our homepage. We are very excited about the opportunity to bring news instantly to the residents of Hanover. If you have any questions or troubleshooting problems, please contact the office at 781-878-6361.  Thank you!



We gladly accept donations of toys, arts & craft supplies, outdoor toys, children's furniture and household items.  Please call or stop by if you're doing some spring cleaning and looking for a place to donate to!

*The department can not honor any program credits prior to March 2011* 

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PHONE: 781-878-6361                                  

CAMP PHONE: 781-826-7529 Summer months only (June 30th-August 15th) 



ADDRESS: 624 Circuit Street

OFFICE HOURS:  Monday-Friday

Mornings: 8-12

Afternoons: By appointment due to different locations we are at and various program times.


Recreation Administrator- Lauren Devine            

DPW Superintendent- Victor Diniak       

Kids Klub Director-  Kim Leigh

Kids Klub Staff- Lee Ann Arbia

Summer Directors-  Park & Rec:  Pete Arena, Kim DiTullio & Lauren Dyer, ACE Zachary Ricciardi//Teen Extreme:  Lisa Bellantoni & Katherine Hanson//Kids Klub:  Anna Lane




Chair- Mike Tivnan                                

Vice Chair-  April Manupelli                          

Secretary- Kristen Bishop                              

Members - Ed Alicea


Edmund Q. Sylvester (1930)
Stanley A. Briggs (1930)
William A. Flynn (1930)
George L. Legg (1947-51)
Alfred G. Lovell (1947-61)
William W. Lloyd (1947-60)
Calvin J. Ellis (1951)
Edward F. Schofield (1952-56)
Austin E. Briggs (1956-58)
Harry E. Gerrish (1959-66)
Kenneth R. Lingley (1960-65)
Paul Demers (1965-73)
John L. Merrick (1966-73)
Preston A. Landers (1967-68)
William L. Cicchese (1967-69)
John D. MacBain, Jr. (1967-73, 1978-79)
Robert J. Boyle (1969-73)
Richard J. Collins (1969-74)
(1971 Playground Committee became Park and Recreation Committee.)
John W. MacDougall, Jr. (1973-76)
Harold S. Smith (1973-75)
Paul P. Basiliere (1973-74)
Diana Morris (1974-78)
Gene G. Macomber (1974-78)
George Ronald Babineau (1974-78, 1980-82)
Ronald K. Whitt (1976-79)
Audrey Yeingst (1976-80)
Michael A. O’Malley (1976-88)
Judith A. Brooks (1978-83)
Patricia Beers (1978-80)
Ernest MacFadgen (1978-81)
Robert J. Flynn (1980-81)
Mary Miele (1980-82)
Thomas J. Scannell (1981-88)
Peter D. McIntyre (1982-84)
Donald F. Buckley (1982-88)
Darrell Brandon (1984-88)
James DiGravio (1987-89)
Arthur Ceurvels, Jr. (1988-06)
Ralph Lordi (1988-90)
John L. Gabriel, Jr. (1988-06)
Robert Shea (1988-89)
Sydney E. Elliott, III (1988-92)
Barbara J. Stone (1989-91)
Patricia Shea (1989-98)
Mark Harrington (1990-99)
Kathleen A. Flanagan (1992-07)
Christine Keegan (1992-02)
Linda DiNardo (1998-07)
Douglas J. McLaughlin (1999-05)
Stephen J. Carroll (2002-08)
Peter Beauchamp ( 2008-09)
John Balzarini (2009-10)
Julianne McLaughlin (20_-11)
Cathy Harder-Bernier (2005-2012)
Harry Dunn (20__-2012)
Chris Brown (20__-2013)
Amy Perkins (20__-2013)
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